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Driveways & Walkways

When it comes to concrete Vista Masonry is pleased to offer its customers a comprehensive list of outstanding options. Our highly skilled finishers are experts in a wide range of applications including smooth and exposed aggregate as well as swirl, broom and stamped. Exquisite decorative options such as coloured and stamped are also available to suit your desired outcome.

With decades of shared experience, Vista Masonry installers are able to provide you with a concrete application that adds spectacular curb appeal to your home or business. Our operating procedures, gleaned from years of doing things right the first time, are guaranteed to last and exceed your expectations.

A proper application is all in the details. In order to help ensure a sink proof application, 90% of the work is done in the preparation stage. We dedicate our expertise and experience in this area with the understanding that any concrete poured is only as good as the foundation we provide it.

The quality of the work done was second to none. Our walkway is both beautiful and functional. We are happy with all aspects of the process! Vista Masonry will be our go-to contractor of choice for all future work we need done.

The Process

Excavation: Vista Masonry’s qualified excavator operators will diligently undertake the job of removing all loose soil, grass, shrubs and rocks from the project area. This clears the groundwork and is step one in providing a sink proof application.

Sub Base / Road Base: Once the project area has been cleared of loose soil and debris, road base is supplied and compacted to specific thickness and leveled. Road/Sub base is essential in providing a compact and stable foundation that serves several important functions. The first of which is that a precisely prepared road base allows the concrete (to be poured later) to cure properly. The second reason a road base is imperative to a quality concrete application is that it helps mitigate the chance of the concrete heaving due to frost or expansive soils.

Form Construction: Once the foundation has been prepared the time has come to set the forms. Vista Masonry’s highly skilled carpenters will set forms to act as guides for the concrete to be laid. Our team will also incorporate the design specific slope requirements for the project as well as ensure proper sub grades are all met and exceeded.

Steel Reinforcements: Vista Masonry ensures that all concrete is reinforced with steel reinforcements. By ensuring steel in our concrete this helps reduce the chances of settling or heaving. Vista Masonry experts will ensure that appropriate steel, whether it is rebar or steel grids, be installed in the appropriate locations at the appropriate depths.

Pouring: With the groundwork finished to specification the concrete will now be poured. Vista Masonry ensures that the concrete mix will meet the requirements of the slab/project and it’s intended use. Our finishers oversee the pouring in order to ensure a quality end product. Screeding, smoothing , consolidation and troweling of the concrete can now begin.

Finishing: Depending on the specific project, concrete finishing can be a simple or comprehensive exercise. Vista Masonry’s excellent team is well suited for each and every possibility. We specialize in everything from simple broom, smooth, exposed aggregate finishes to detailed design choices such as colourful, swirl or stamped. Vista Masonry is happy to provide consultation to help you design and bring your dream to reality. Please check out our gallery for examples of the numerous options that are available for all your concrete needs.

Curing: Once the finishing of your concrete project has been completed, the curing process begins. Curing, or hardening, of the concrete project lasts 28 days. In order to help your new concrete cure evenly we may apply a sealing chemical. This sealing compound will reduce cracks, prevent curling and surface discoloration. Depending on the concrete mixture used, this sealing compound can be applied as soon as the concrete is poured or as late as a month after pouring. Your Vista Masonry consultant will inform you of the best practice regarding your specific project.

Jobsite Cleanup: Last but no less important is our dedication to leaving the project site, be it your home/business, cleaner and more exquisite than when we first stepped foot on your property. No job is complete without this final step.